Premier League Bar Graphs

I got my hands on some Premier League data and I have been exploring some questions.

I will probably do a full scale project sometime when I have more complete data for this season and a bit more free time, but here are a couple questions.

What is the distribution of player nationalities in the Premier League?

No surprise here. Most players in the Premier League are from England.

What is the distribution of English Players across all 20 clubs?

Bournemouth is winning the local talent game.

Interesting that 3 of the top six clubs- Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal – have the lowest percentage of English players.

Insert something here about why England never do well at international competitions.

What is the distribution of First Team English Players across all 20 clubs?

Here is the catch! A club could have 10 local players that do nothing but warm the bench.

It is not enough to have local players if you never play them.

The data I gathered was from Game Week 17. At Game Week 17, 1530 minutes of football has been played in the EPL. I classify a first team player as one that who has played at least 50% of games (around 800 minutes). A very conservative estimate but I chose this to make up for injuries, and reduced minutes for first team players that played in the world cup this year.

Let’s take a look.

Man Utd, Man City, Leicester City, and Burnley are all strong in this regard.

Man City is an interesting case. They have just 5 english players but 3 of them are first teamers – Sterling, Walker, Delph.

Look at West Ham towards the end of the above graph. They have 12 English Players but Mark Noble is the only first teamer.

We don’t even have to talk about Chelsea.

*cries in FC Vitesse*

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